Manitou has been serving farmers for several decades. Fully aware of the constraints and business issues in the AG market, we offer versatile handling equipment that accompanies professionals in all their agricultural activities.

Manitou Electric Handler

The various ranges of Manitou telescopic forklift trucks offer unrivalled performance in the handling market. Thanks to a wide range of attachments, these multi-tasking machines can be customized to provide farmers with an efficient and safe solution for every task: storing, towing or transporting, feeding, cleaning… These performances make our machines indispensable equipment in the agricultural sector.

If you are a farmer and need high-performance equipment to carry out your work in the best possible conditions, Manitou offers several handling solutions that meet the requirements and constraints in the agricultural market.

With Manitou machines, you are able to carry out your various agricultural operations efficiently and safely. To facilitate your work and reduce your investment costs, our telescopic forklifts have various accessories that make them versatile and reliable. An ideal solution to improve your productivity while limiting your costs!

The diversity of our ranges today meets the needs of agricultural professionals. Whether you wish to feed your livestock, move or tow crops, distribute silage, clean your buildings, move poultry crates, or load-up bulk quickly; you will find a handling solution