Advanced Farming Systems® (AFS)

AFS Connect™

Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Connect lets you remotely monitor and manage your farm, fleet and data, enabling you to optimize your performance, productivity and flexibility. Visualize your equipment efficiently with little to no idle time, placing information at your fingertips so you can successfully manage your operations anytime, anywhere. All new Model Year AFS Connect™ Magnum™ tractors, AFS Connect™ Steiger® tractors, Axial-Flow 250 series combines and the new Patriot 50 series sprayers come with a 5 year subscription to AFS Connect technology.

Farm — Get More Done Each Day

Easily organize your fields and applications. Gain relevant agronomic insights that connect you to your farm down to the field level, allowing you to share selected farm, field or field operation data with trusted partners.
Download the AFS Connect Farm app on your Android or Apple IOS device for free and start making better decisions about your farm from anywhere, anytime.

Fleet — Work Smarter by Tracking Equipment

By tracking your equipment, you can work smarter and achieve peak performance, maximizing uptime and efficiency. Invite your dealer to view relevant tracking data for fast, transparent communication.


Explore displays and discover the best model for controlling equipment functions and tracking important information – all from your operator’s chair.

Auto Guidance

Advance your operation with Case IH auto guidance tools like AFS AccuGuide™ for tractors, combines and sprayers. Achieve year-to-year repeatable accuracy from sub-inch levels and beyond. By adopting autoguidance, you will reduce skips and overlaps; save on fuel and labor costs; better manage your seed, fertilizer and chemical inputs; simplify operation; and even add hours to the day during critical operating windows.

Section & Rate Control

Case IH AFS section and rate control lets you put seed, fertilizer and other inputs where you want them and ONLY where you want them. Reduced overlaps and more precise placement allow you to save on inputs, improve agronomic performance and lower overall costs.

Field Solutions

AFS Field Solutions bring you the tools needed to gather data and address problem areas within your fields.


ISOBUS technology provides you with the flexibility you need to automate your operations.